Self-harm and suicide questionnaire Herts Safeguarding Board


Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP) and Hertfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB), they are very keen to ensure that the voice of service users is included in the Learning Hub and have asked Viewpoint to help facilitate meaningful service user involvement.

To access the questionnaire please click here

The closing date for responses is Monday 13th May 2019; please send your responses to or Freepost RTUT-BUKL-JBZB, Viewpoint, Unit 28, Weltech Business Centre, Ridgeway, Welwyn Garden City. AL7 2AA.

Also, Ruth Fennemore (Development and Commissioning Manager) Family Services Commissioning Children's Services would like service user (SU) representative(s) to attend one or more of the local forums to join in the group table discussions at the end which will focus on the attached questions. To enable meaningful SU rep(s) involvement / engagement I have asked Ruth to complete a Viewpoint Involvement Summary form. If you are interested in this involvement opportunity, please get back to Leslie on

HPFT Wellbeing Plan Focus Groups

HPFT Wellbeing Plan focus groups (this is paid Involvement opportunity)

Viewpoint is looking for up 15 people from across the County to attend a Wellbeing Plan focus group on the afternoon March 20th 3 – 5pm at Colonnades in Hatfield, this is being organised by HPFT and the lead is Kate Linhart (Head of Social Work and Safeguarding).

The focus group is being held to gain the views of service users on the Wellbeing Plan which is for people using Adult Mental In-patient and Community services, also those on CPA.

The Wellbeing plan is not for people accessing Wellbeing team / IAPTS / CAMHS and people with dementia and learning disabilities as these groups use other specific care planning tools that are more appropriate.

I have included a survey link below, for you to please complete.

Wellbeing Plan Survey 

If you are interested in participating in the Wellbeing Plan focus group or would like more information please can you reply to; or 01707-3861346 by no later than the Midday 15th March 2019.

Co-production Workshop Invitation

Coproduction in Hertfordshire.jpg

You are invited to a workshop to help us review and refresh our current service user and co-production involvement structures and boards. We are committed to improving the way all voices from people that use our services are heard and for our ambition to co-produce more to become a reality.

Please reply by Friday 11 January 2019

When and where is the workshop?

Date: Monday 21 January 2019

Time: 10am – 2pm (lunch provided)

Venue: Training & Rescue Centre, Longfield, Hitchin Rd, Stevenage Herts SG1 4AE

Map and directions to venue

Why are you having this workshop?

• We want people to be aware and proud of the good work that has already been achieved in Hertfordshire around co-production and involvement.

• We want people to understand how many meetings exist and how they inter-relate to each other.

• We want people to be motivated to simplify this system and up for change – recognising some of this might be challenging to them as individuals or organisations.

• We want people’s ideas about how we move forward!

How do I confirm my place?

Please confirm your place by emailing:

If you have any special access or other needs please let us know.

Please reply by Friday 11 January 2019.

View the full invitation by clicking here

Opportunity: women with lived experience needed

Mind Logo.gif

Would you like to be involved in evaluating a major new mental health programme?

Woman Staring.jpg

Opportunity for four women in Evaluation Advisory Group

The McPin Foundation are looking for four women to join an Evaluation Advisory Group, to support the evaluation of the Women’s Mental Health Peer Support Programme run by Mind and Agenda (the Alliance for Women and Girls at Risk).

Group members will need to:

Have personal experience of mental health problems and/or multiple disadvantage
• Be able to attend four meetings a year at McPin offices in London (between November 2018 and early spring 2020)
• Respond to occasional correspondence via email

Payment of £50 per meeting will be offered and all reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. Applications close on Friday 19 October 2018. Best of luck!

Click here for more information

Need guidance with your peer support programme? 

 The Peer Support in Practice report from Inclusion Barnet can help if:

  • Your organisation already employs or is looking to employ peer support workers

  • You're interested in current debate around the introduction of peer support workers in mental health organisations

Grounded in a qualitative study of peer support workers in mental health, the repor explores some of the issues of using lived experience in peer support and includes recommendations when introducing peer support into the workplace. Peer Support in the Community is also an essential toolkit for those looking to plan, create and develop peer support work. 

Click here to read the report

A call for help from Lin Fellows Guideposts Carers Coordinator


A call for help

Dear Colleagues and Friends,   

I have worked as a Mental Health Support Worker based at Guideposts’ Henry Smith House in Watford for 11 years. Recently, I have been tasked with a new role as “Guideposts Carers Coordinator”, giving me time to develop new support for carers locally. My remit is to work primarily with those who are unpaid carers for a loved one with a mental ill health or autism diagnosis.  I'm sure you know that caring for someone with a mental health condition is very different from caring for someone physically ill and can impact on the carer’s physical and emotional wellbeing. The stress and frustration can be overpowering. Therefore, to help our carers, I want to set up groups where they can off load and be given helpful information.
I have run a successful Guideposts Carers Group for 10 years now and am planning in the future to run more new groups in the Watford, Hertsmere, South Oxhey and Rickmansworth areas. Having worked supporting mental health service users, I feel I have empathy for both the carer and the cared for. Knowing that carers must visit their GP’s, I wondered if I can work with your organisation to help carers? I need to communicate my plans and information to these new carers. Therefore, I would be grateful if you would please consider placing our poster, self-referral forms and leaflets in your place of work/centre? Is this acceptable?
Also, is it possible that I could meet with your Carer’s Champion {if you have one} for your organisation? I could then explain in detail my aims and objectives and we could share the possibilities for working together? If you have a Carers Group I would be happy to do a Talk on "Asperger's and Autism" and talk about Caring Issues. Also, if you have an event I would be pleased to attend.

I am aware you are very busy and are short of time, but please can you let me know your response to my request?
 Yours Sincerely,

Lin Fellows                                                                                                                                         

Phone Lin at 01923 223554
Lin Fellows | Guideposts Carers Coordinator and Training Facilitator
01923 223554

Guideposts Community Mental Health Services, Guideposts Trust, Henry Smith House, 3-5 Estcourt Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 2PT

HPFT - Filming for Gender Identity Awareness Training

We are implementing a new staff training programme around gender identity in partnership with Gendered Intelligence.  As part of this training we are wanting to include film clips of people sharing their personal experiences in relation to:

•                      Expression of gender

•                      Transitions and identifying as trans, non-binary

•                      Being a friend or family member and the experience of transition of a loved one

•                      Experience of care, trans and non-binary personal journeys

We are looking for people across the trans and non-binary gender spectrum who may be interested to be involved to share their story and be interviewed briefly on camera.  All films will be used only for internal staff training (unless otherwise agreed with participants) and the filming will take place on 12th September in Hatfield.

If you know anyone interested (or are interested yourself) please can you ask people to contact  - please note that someone will get back to people after 6th September due to staff leave.

Personality Disorder Short Questionnaire


Personality Disorder Short Questionnaire


We would be extremely grateful if those of you with a diagnosis of PD could fill out this short questionnaire.

Deadline for completion is 31st December 2017
The questions here are taken from the nationwide PD online survey hosted by the National Service User Network (NSUN) and builds on recent workshops that we have held with service users.
We would like to feed this information back to our commissioners, HPFT and NSUN.
We really want to know your experiences and needs so that people with a diagnosis of PD feel heard and get the services that help them. We will put the results of this survey on the Viewpoint website in the New Year

Please click here to go to the survey


Thank you.

Viewpoint Administrator



Do you give care to a child whose parent has a mental health problem?

Can you help with some research?

When a parent has a mental health problem, other family members often step in to help to look after their child when they are unwell. We are looking to speak to those other family members. They might be the child's other parent, stepparent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, etc. We would not be interviewing the parent with mental health problems themselves.

Please click here for more details about this research

If you are interested in taking part or would like further information, please contact Rebecca Bishop at or by telephone on 07900 084774.



This year Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) would like to bring its Recovery Conference experience closer to our services users and carers and will be holding events in Watford, Stevenage, Bishops Stortford and Hatfield during the week of 9 October 2017.

The theme for 2017 is focused on ‘Personal Development for all and Making Decisions Together’ and we hope to promote the support that's available within the local community; engage people using local services, and carers, in the process of developing that support further, and empower them to truly co-produce their Recovery.  

We are particularly keen to encourage attendance from people with lived experiences; whether that is from directly using of services or as a carer, as well as a range of professionals.  We are encouraging people to attend the event at their closest location.  We are planning to offer free return transport for service users or carers, depending on the level of demand.

Register your place online now or call us on 01727 804016

Niland Conference Centre, Watford – Mon 9 October (10.30-3.30)

Rhodes Arts Complex, Bishops Stortford – Tues 10 October (10.30-3.30)

Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage – Wed 11October (10.30-3.30)

The Colonnades, Hatfield – Thurs 12 October (6.00-9.00pm)

HPFT- Opportunity to display your artwork.


Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is looking for more art, by people with a lived experience of mental health services, for our buildings in Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties.

Do you know anyone that might want to apply or can you help by displaying or forwarding the attached detail? We would be very grateful for your help. Feedback we've received from artists that have had their work selected, framed and displayed has been very positive.

There is an application process and we particularly want to receive applications from:

- people that haven’t applied to us before

- people that may have applied before but have no or few pieces in our art collection

- children and young people

Please click here for the application form. Any questions please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,

Katie Tyssen

Provision of Visual Arts for HPFT

07887 778449


Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust c/o Facilities & Capital Planning

15 Forest Lane

Harper Lane

Kingsley Green


Herts WD7 9HQ

As part of our commitment to improving our services, we’ve made it easier to get help and advice about our mental health and learning disability services. Calling 0300 777 0707 gives you direct access to mental health professionals and ensures everyone gets effective and consistent support. Find out more on

GP Contract Patient Involvement Webinar


Wednesday 30 August 2017, 11:00 am to 13.00 pm
Thursday 31 August 2017, 11:30 am to 13:30 pm

We would like to invite you to take part in a Webinar to get a patient perspective on what issues should be considered as we agree the contract for GP services for 2018-19. We would also like to take the opportunity to seek your views on how best NHS England can involve the public more widely in primary care commissioning at national and local level, including identifying examples of current good practice.

To join the Webinar on one of the above dates please email Adrianna Kawecka-Billam to book your place: email

When emailing please provide the following information:

Contact Telephone
Representative area you cover

Once emailed, Adrianna Kawecka-Billam will forward the webinar details to you

If you’re interested in giving feedback but can’t attend the webinars, please contact Adrianna for further details

Local NHS Spending 'Lets Talk' Online consultation

We are planning to launch a public engagement exercise to seek the views of local people on future spending plans. 

Our board have now agreed a set of proposals upon which to consult local people and we now have a firm date for the start of our consultation: Monday 3 July. We are running this programme alongside East and North Hertfordshire CCG (ENHCCG). It is called ’NHS let’s talk’.

As a reminder: in recent months we have been exploring options for reducing our spending in response to growing financial pressures. There is a gap between the money coming in to pay for health and social care and what we need to spend in order to meet the needs of a growing, ageing population with more complex needs. This means that Herts Valleys CCG must make savings of around £45m in the coming year.

Across the wider area covered by the STP (sustainability and transformation partnership) the financial shortfall, if we don’t take any action, is estimated at £550m over the coming four years.

To tackle these challenges, we have been developing proposals to reduce spending overall.  Wherever we can, we are trying to make changes in ways which won’t affect services. For example, we are:  cutting administration costs; closely analysing all our lines of expenditure comparing our costs to those that other CCGs incur for similar things; and working with organisations that directly provide services to deliver best value for money.

These measures won’t cover the whole deficit and so we need to look at what we spend on some services. Our focus will be on protecting funding for those services which have the biggest impact on the health of our population.

Our proposals have been informed by a survey, carried out earlier this year, to ask residents what they thought our spending priorities should be.  This showed that people think it’s important to prioritise treatments that deliver lasting health benefits and improve patients’ quality of life and to make the best use of local NHS resources.

In line with this feedback and following detailed discussions with our lead GPs, we are considering changing access to some services, reviewing criteria for some treatments and doing what we can to help people to lead healthier lifestyles and take better care of themselves and families so that they rely less on the NHS. Doctors, who make up the majority of people on the CCG board, have been heavily involved in developing the proposals. This will help to ensure that good clinical practice is paramount in our considerations.

Our consultation – being undertaken in partnership with ENHCCG - is about:

·         Tightening up existing rules so that people who smoke or whose weight is classified as ‘obese’ are required to make bigger improvements to their health before non-urgent surgery – unless a longer wait for surgery would be harmful

·         Stopping the availability of NHS- funded IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and specialist fertility services, unless in exceptional circumstances

·         Limiting the routine prescription of food supplements, as well as medicines and products that can be bought without prescription for short-term conditions and minor ailments

·         Restricting the prescribing of gluten-free foods

·         Stoppingroutinefunding of female sterilisation procedures

·         Stopping routine funding of vasectomies (this proposal would only affect patients registered with a GP in the Herts Valleys CCG area)

We will be working with Healthwatch, patient groups, local community organisations and special interest groups to encourage as many people as possible to contribute their views.  We are holding public events and drop-in sessions, attending community meetings and running an extensive social media campaign. The easiest way to find out more and give us your views is by completing the online questionnaires at

The feedback we get will help inform our decision-making about these proposals.

We look forward to your joining us in this important local debate.

With kind regards,

Dr Nicolas Small, Chair of Herts Valleys CCG

Kathryn Magson, Chief Executive Officer, Herts Valleys CCG

Invitation to public meeting to discuss West Herts NHS spending plans

NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG),  the west Herts NHS organisation that plans and funds services locally, are holding some important public meetings this summer to seek the views of local people on future spending plans.

At the meetings we will be sharing proposals to reduce spending in response to growing financial pressures and the need to balance our budgets. We propose to focus funding on those areas which have the biggest impact on the health of our population and are considering changing access to some services.

The meetings are part of a big engagement process that’s taking place over the summer, starting on 26 June and running until the middle of August.

Join us at any of the meetings below to find out more and give your views either at the eventor by taking away information so that you can reply at a time that suits you.

Monday 26th June 7-9pm, Penn Chambers, Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth WD3 1RL

Monday 24th July 7-9pm, Stanborough Centre, St Albans Road, Watford, WD25 9JZ,

Monday 31st July 7-9pm, Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ

You would be welcome to come to any of these meetings but it would be useful to know how many people to expect so to book your place or for more information please email or ring 01442 89888

If you represent a community group or have a meeting you would like us to attend to speak in more detail about our proposals please let us know.


New Leaf College needs you!

New Leaf provides a modern, effective education approach to people self-managing their wellbeing within Hertfordshire.  The college is based on recovery approaches of belief of individual strength, co-production and self-management.   
Co-production makes sure people with lived experience are equal partners in the college and course development.
We need to make sure all aspects of the college are accessible to all students and potential students.  We need to carry out an audit looking at the courses, venues, teaching style and college administration. We would welcome your help.
It will probably involve some travel.

You will be asked to read, comment and contribute to various papers and make sure the college achieves its objectives.  We particularly welcome interest from existing students. Contact:  Irma.mullins@hpft.nhs.ukor 07342 073731

(New Leaf is provided by Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with Druglink Ltd. The college has a multi-agency Curriculum Board which includes people with experience of mental health and physical health conditions, health & social care organisations and third sector organisations. The board works co-productively to provide the best educational opportunities for you to learn about your wellbeing.)

Have your say on how local NHS funds should be spent

The NHS is facing a huge financial challenge and growing demand for services.  In east and north Hertfordshire, the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for making sure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely, so that our 597,000 residents can have access to high-quality health services which help them to stay as healthy as possible. 

The local NHS budget must pay for most of the area’s care, everything from medicines and minor treatments to complex surgical procedures and support for long term conditions.  The local budget must also fund all the appointments people have with nurses, hospital doctors and other clinicians, including midwives, mental health specialists and physiotherapists. 

In 2017/18, the CCG’s budget will be £722 million, which works out at around £1,209 a year for each person who lives in our area.

Dr Hari Pathmanathan, a local GP and Chair of the East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“The NHS is under growing pressure to pay for expensive new drugs and treatments, the number of people who need health services is increasing and many people are living longer. With a limited budget we need to make sure that we are making the best use of the money available so that we can help more people to live healthier lives.

“Some patients need essential care and treatment day and night, which costs an average of £940 a week but can cost as much as £9,800 a week.  As much as we would like to, we cannot afford to pay for everything.  Some difficult choices have to be made about what the CCG can or cannot afford to spend.

“We want to hear your opinions on how difficult decisions should be made and listen to your suggestions about ways in which we can make savings.”

Please take part by completing the survey at the following link: Your response (but not your name) will be shared with our Governing Body and made available for others to see on our website.  When the survey closes, we will use the responses to help develop the guidelines our Governing Body follow when they are deciding which services or treatments the local NHS should pay for in future.

If you need any help or have any questions, or want to receive the survey in a different format or language, please call 01707 685144 or email

The survey will remain open until 20 March 2017.   

Geoff Brown, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Hertfordshire said:

“Putting patients at the centre of any decisions about their health care is the best way to ensure that people can get the services they want and deserve. This is a great opportunity for people to let those that can make a difference know what they think. We all know that right now the NHS is under a lot of pressure, and that is why it is more important than ever for us all to become involved in the decision making process.”


Adult secure low and medium mental health services 90 day public consultation


As part of the mental health service review programme NHS England has launched a 90 day public consultation on the two new service specifications (and two separate appendices for the Adult Secure Low and Medium Mental Health Services on 10 February 2017. The closing date for responses is 11 May 2017.

Please click on the text to access the consultation: 90 day public consultation on the two new service specifications (and two separate appendices

 These specifications have been developed and tested with the support of lead clinicians and patient and public representatives. This approach has ensured that the views of stakeholders have informed the development throughout the process. To support the consultation we are hosting two webinars on the following dates:

Wednesday 15 March 2017  

10.00 am – 11.00 am

Wednesday 22 March 2017

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Please register your attendance for any of these events by emailing:

Attendance is free for carers and their supporters and lunch is provided. Travel expenses are paid in line with NHS England's expenses policy

In addition to these two events Rethink through the Adult Secure Service User Recovery and Outcome Groups  will be hosting events throughout March 2017 aimed at service users and staff in different geographical locations throughout England.

Cathy Edwards

Operational Delivery Director (National)

Specialised Commissioning

NHS England

“High quality care for all, now and for future generations.”

Your views on urgent care services in West Herts

Urgent Care Services in West Hertfordshire

As demand for urgent health care services - both locally and nationally - continues to increase, Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group is undertaking some work to look at ways of making sure that we provide a model of care in the future that effectively meets the needs of the people using these services.  These services include A&E, urgent care centres, minor injuries units and so on. 

We want to make sure that we get patients, the public, patient groups and others involved at an early stage to ensure that we can build their views and experiences into any future proposals. 

To kick this off we have developed a survey asking some questions about your experiences of using local urgent care services and want to encourage as many people as possible to complete it.

We are promoting this in a number of ways and are seeking survey responses to be completed by Friday 24 March 2017


Hi all,

We are asking people that work with us to tell us how we are doing, so we can learn and improve the services we deliver.

We would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete our survey by clicking on the link below (the survey closes on the 24th March):

I have also attached an easy read version of the survey if you would prefer to complete it that way. Please click here for the easy read survey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Tom Barrasso

Policy and Partnerships Manager

 Office: 01707 275978

Mobile: 07854 575302

Healthwatch Hertfordshire, Douglas Tilbe House, Hall Grove, Welwyn Garden City

Hertfordshire, AL7 4PH

Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England, Charity number 1158089.

Registered Office Douglas Tilbe House, Hall Grove, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 4PH

Building better opportunities in Herts

The three strands of the Building better opportunities in Herts programme are STRIVE in Hertfordshire (Barriers to Employment); MILE in Hertfordshire (Financial Confidence) and Herts Youth Futures (Young People).

If you would like to take part you will receive dedicated one-to-one support from your local mentor.  They will guide you through the many learning and skills opportunities available through this project helping you move towards gaining work experience placements, volunteering opportunities or apprenticeships, employment and self-employment.

Please click here for more information