A call for help from Lin Fellows Guideposts Carers Coordinator


A call for help

Dear Colleagues and Friends,   

I have worked as a Mental Health Support Worker based at Guideposts’ Henry Smith House in Watford for 11 years. Recently, I have been tasked with a new role as “Guideposts Carers Coordinator”, giving me time to develop new support for carers locally. My remit is to work primarily with those who are unpaid carers for a loved one with a mental ill health or autism diagnosis.  I'm sure you know that caring for someone with a mental health condition is very different from caring for someone physically ill and can impact on the carer’s physical and emotional wellbeing. The stress and frustration can be overpowering. Therefore, to help our carers, I want to set up groups where they can off load and be given helpful information.
I have run a successful Guideposts Carers Group for 10 years now and am planning in the future to run more new groups in the Watford, Hertsmere, South Oxhey and Rickmansworth areas. Having worked supporting mental health service users, I feel I have empathy for both the carer and the cared for. Knowing that carers must visit their GP’s, I wondered if I can work with your organisation to help carers? I need to communicate my plans and information to these new carers. Therefore, I would be grateful if you would please consider placing our poster, self-referral forms and leaflets in your place of work/centre? Is this acceptable?
Also, is it possible that I could meet with your Carer’s Champion {if you have one} for your organisation? I could then explain in detail my aims and objectives and we could share the possibilities for working together? If you have a Carers Group I would be happy to do a Talk on "Asperger's and Autism" and talk about Caring Issues. Also, if you have an event I would be pleased to attend.

I am aware you are very busy and are short of time, but please can you let me know your response to my request?
 Yours Sincerely,

Lin Fellows                                                                                                                                         

Phone Lin at 01923 223554
Lin Fellows | Guideposts Carers Coordinator and Training Facilitator
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