Personal Health Budgets Conversation Event 25th February

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The event is organised and ran by the East & North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group


Find out more about personal health budgets and the opportunities they offer across health and social care. We will look at both the national and local intentions for Personal Health Budgets and discuss how they could best help and support residents in Hertfordshire.

You can find out more about personal health budgets by clicking here


Date: 25th February 10am-4pm

Location: Focolare Centre for Unity - Parkway Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL8 6JG GB

If you would like more details or have a query about this event please use the following contact details:

Telephone: 01707 367 210 or email:

Healthwatch Hertfordshire Complaints Project

Dear Service User,


Please find below information about an opportunity for you to be involved in Healthwatch Hertfordshire’s Complaints Project. If you are interested in getting involved please contact my colleague Priya directly, using the contact details she has provided at the bottom by 29th January.


Have you made a complaint against the NHS in the last 12 months?


HwH are currently working on a complaints project in partnership with POhWER. We are looking for people who have had cause to make a complaint (formal or informal) against any NHS organisation or Social Services provider in Hertfordshire during the last 12 months. The objective of the research is to map the actual process of making a complaint against the formal complaints process guidelines that exist within these organisations. The outcome, hopefully, will be recommendations about how this process can be made to work more effectively and more user-friendly.


Our aim is to interview people with a semi-structured questionnaire lasting about 15/20 minutes. Ideally we would like to meet people face to face, or we can interview them over the phone, or send them a questionnaire for them to complete and return in a pre-paid envelope or they can complete it online. We have interviewers who could attend your meetings - in other words we can be as flexible as necessary to meet and talk to these people. 


The interviews will be treated in confidence and we will not be recording the name of the respondent. Interviews will be conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct.


The deadline for participating in this piece of work is Friday 29th January, which I understand is a very short timeframe, so we can look at extending the piece of work if the need arises. If you are interested in participating in this piece of work, please could you contact Priya or 01707 275 978

Calling all writers!

Contribute to the next edition of the Ballyhoo Xtra


Viewpoint is looking for people to submit articles on User involvement for the next edition of the Ballyhoo Xtra.

As we move into 2016, we thought it would be good to hear from our members, colleagues and partners to find out what they think about user involvement, what is important and how we can all ensure that service user views can make the biggest impact on service provision and delivery as possible.

We would love to have your submissions, up to 800 words (but shorter submissions are also welcome).
Articles which do not make the Ballyhoo may be used on the Viewpoint website as we look to increase the content directly from our members.

To submit, please email by 29th January 2016 or call 01707 328014 and speak to Simon for further guidance.

Public Board Meeting Herfordshire Partnership University NHS Trust

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust – Public Board and Committee Dates

Public Meetings held in Da Vinci B+C

The Colonnades

Beaconsfield Close

Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 8YE

Meetings start at 9.00am and end at 1:30pm

Public Meeting Dates:

28th January 2016

28th April 2016

28th July 2016

27th October 2016

Clinical Psychologist Research Involvement

Study Advertisement:

My name is Katie and I am a third year trainee clinical psychologist. For my research thesis I am interested in talking to people who have supported or cared for a parent with psychosis during their childhood. Psychosis is a mental health condition which causes people to perceive or interpret things differently to others around them. It may seem like they have lost touch with reality, and they may experience hallucinations and delusions. Psychosis is linked to a number of mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Anyone aged between 18 and 45 years, who has supported or cared for a parent with a psychosis related difficulty in their childhood can participate. 

For more information please contact me on


(Study approved by the Psychology Ethics Committee at the University of Hertfordshire (Protocol number LMS/PG/UH/00402)


Get involved with Specialised Commissioning

Details of this opportunity to work with Specialised Commissioning have previously been circulated – so this is a last call as the deadline is November 16 (Monday).

NHS England Specialised Commissioning is seeking a number of Patient and Public Participation and Insight (PPPI) partners and lay members to sit on high-level decision-making groups. The focus of the roles is to ensure that the patient and carer perspective is at the heart of commissioning. If you are interested in working with NHS England as a PPPI partner, please see further information on the PPPI roles and application forms. The closing date for all applications is 12 noon on 16 November 2015.

Herts Valleys Voices Urgent Health Care Services Survey

Have you used urgent health care services in Hertfordshire?

Herts Valleys CCG with East and North Herts CCG are keen to hear from people who have used urgent health care services in the county.

Urgent health care services are places you can go for NHS care when your condition is not serious or life-threatening but you need to be seen quickly.


We have been out and about in town centres over the past few weeks speaking to people about the services they have used and how they could be improved.

You can complete our online survey here:

It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have family or friends who have used Hertfordshire's urgent health care services recently, please share this survey with them.

The closing date for the survey is Friday 11 September 2015. After this date, we will analyse all responses and use your feedback to help us plan how services can best meet patients' needs in the future.

Tel: 07770 584993

© Herts Valleys CCG 2015



Viewpoint Pre - Peer Mentoring Programme (PPMP)


Have you heard of Peer Mentoring?
Want to know more about it?
Have you used Drug & Alcohol services in your recovery or cared for somebody with Drug & Alcohol issues?

Mentoring can be defined as a 'one - to - one, non - judgemental relationship in which an individual, the mentor, gives time to support and encourage another.'
It recognises people's need for having somebody there for them as they develop skills and gain the confidence to become independent and lead fulfilled lives.
Our 4 session course is aimed at giving people the confidence and knowledge to take the first step in peer mentoring or volunteering for organisations that provide Drug/Alcohol services in Hertfordshire.

The course is held at:
56 Bridge Road,
Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1JU

Starts: Wednesday 12th, 19th, 26th August and 2nd September (10:30am – 2:30pm)

If you would like to attend please call Helen or Tracy on 01707 328014 or
Reasonable travel expenses and refreshments are provided (lunch not provided).

Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust – Carer’s wanted for recruitment

Dear all,

 As part of our ongoing work to implement the Care Act 2014, we are developing a number of new posts – as a trial – that will have dedicated responsibility for carer support and services within front line teams.  In total we will be looking to recruit, hopefully, to nine posts of different types to increase the amount of support we are able to provide carers moving forward.

We are looking for carer representatives who may be interested in being part of recruitment panels taking place on 22nd and 24th July (full days).  If any of you are interested in being involved with these panels can you please contact to express your interest?

 Kind regards

 James Holland

Customer Inclusion & Engagement Team Manager

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

07770 701543
Eric Shepherd Unit, Woodside Rd, Abbots Langley, Herts WD5 0HT

HPFT Involvement Opportunity - Interview Panel

Dear Service Users and Carers

We would like a representative on the interview panel for Modern Matron interviews for West SBU acute inpatients on Wednesday 10th June 1pm-5pm & Friday 12th June 12 - 5pm

at The Colonnades, Beaconsfield Road, Hatfield, Herts AL10 8YE.

I can confirm that involvement payments can be offered for the above involvement opportunity and support will be offered with travel expenses.  Please note, however, in order for payments to be made you will have to be put on the Trust payroll.  It is also important to point out that involvement payments can affect your benefits – please contact your local Jobcentre Plus for advice about this.   

 Photo ID required.

If you are interested please contact me.  

Kind regards

Karen Reed

HPFT Involvement Team

Customer Inclusion & Engagement

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

01923 892665 (Mon – Wed)

Hertfordshire Recovery Conference - Help choose the theme

We are the group planning and organising this year’s Recovery Conference – we are HPFT staff, third sector partners, service users and carer reps.


We would really value your feedback on possible themes and focus for this year’s conference.  All these topics would be developed with service users, carers and staff in mind.


Please select your first three preferences below in order of preference (i.e. 1 in the box for your first preference, 2 for your second preference, etc.)  Please feel welcome to add in any suggested topics or themes that you wish.  



Ranking 1-3

Proposed themes



Theme 1- Recovery oriented care planning (focus on how we work together to ensure a plan of care which both the staff member and the person who uses the services develop and agree together, as well as ensure we develop the principles of ‘Think Local, Act Personal’ focus on improving personalisation within services).



Theme 2 – Recovery Oriented Practice for People who are under the Mental Health Act (how we work to ensure that our practice is recovery oriented for those who are detained).



Theme 3 – Prevention within Mental Health Services (how we ensure that we work to build in prevention and wellbeing in all aspects of the work we do within our services, including implementing the principles of ‘Think Local, Act Personal and ensure we make this real for people).



Theme 4 – Therapeutic approaches within Recovery (e.g. using solution focused questions, using motivational interviewing, using problem solving, arts and creative therapies)



Theme 5 – Transitions and journeys across services – how we best work with people on their Recovery journey as they move from our services onwards or across different services in Hertfordshire – connections and links, transitions).



Theme 6 – Communications with people who use our services and carers – how we make our communication at all levels (e.g. written, conversations) recovery oriented and collaborative.



Theme 7 – Recovery College – What a Recovery College brings, how this might work, examples of great practice elsewhere, how we might want this to work for us (a Recovery College uses an educational and teaching model rather than a therapeutic model, and provides courses and workshops that people can choose to attend (please see attached IMROC briefing paper for more information)

Other Suggestions





Please send your responses to by Friday 29th May.  We will then use this feedback to agree the primary themes for the conference.

Healthwatch & Public Health Dental Access Research

Healthwatch Hertfordshire and Public Health England
are working locally to improve access to dental

They want to know your views and experiences
of using local dental services for dental treatment, or
Community Oral Health Promotion Programmes to
prevent dental decay. The results of the survey will be
shared with NHS England, Local Authorities and CQC to
help inform commissioning organisations and health
regulators on the views and experiences of local
patients in accessing dental services.

If you want to make services better, or share your
views both positive and negative please take the
time to fill in the online survey:

Additionally, they will be running several focus groups
to hear the views of the community. If you would
like to be involved please contact Healthwatch at:
01707 275 978

HPFT Involvement Opportunity - Interview Panel

Dear Service users and Carers,

We would like a representative on the interview panel for a  Medical Director on 19/06/2015 9am to 5pm, at The Colonnades, Beaconsfield Road, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 8YE.

I can confirm that involvement payments can be offered for the above involvement opportunity and support will be offered with travel expenses.  Please note, however, in order for payments to be made you will have to be put on the Trust payroll.  It is also important to point out that involvement payments can affect your benefits – please contact your local Jobcentre Plus for advice about this.   

If you are interested please contact me.  

Kind regards,

 Karen Reed

 HPFT Involvement Team

Customer Inclusion & Engagement

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

 01923 892665 (Mon – Wed)

HPFT Peer Support and Carers Support Training‏

Dear All,

Just a brief reminder regarding the up and coming training.  We have an information introduction day scheduled for this 20th May 2015, and additional dates as below.

The details are as follows for the Peer Support Worker training for Carers and Service Users: - 

Information sessions for those interested in taking part will be held on 20th May at the Colonnades, Hatfield – from 10 – 12 for Service Users and from 1 – 3 for Carers.

Carer Peer Support Training will take place on 18th and 23rd June and 2nd July – at the Colonnades, Hatfield.  This is bespoke training designed specifically for carers who are interested in Peer Support Work.

Service User Peer Support Training will take place on 15th, 23rd, 28th July, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th August and 3rd September – again at the Colonnades.  This training is accredited by Middlesex University.

Undertaking the training will not necessarily lead to peer support roles within HPFT – but we know from previous cohorts that it has been very much valued by them (and also very enjoyable!).  Some of the attendees have gone on to employment with us or with other organisations as peer workers.

There will places for up to 20 service users and 20 carers to take part – and we are also planning to repeat the courses later in the year.

If you are interested and would like to be booked on to the training course, please email me back with the details of your name (or attendees name), email address and contact details so I can add all the prospective trainees onto our list. 

If you require transport or any requirements or have a query please kindly email me

Kind regards,

Michelle McKenzie

Adult Involvement Project Support Worker

Customer Inclusion & Engagement Team

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Eric Shepherd Unit, Woodside Rd, Abbots Langley, Herts WD5 0HT

01923 892665

Service User Reviews of Mental Health Charities

Viewpoint has been asked by the Community Wellbeing Commissioning Team to help gather the views of service users about the voluntary sector mental health organisations they commission. They will use this feedback during contract reviews and to help them find areas of need in what they provide.


What are Viewpoint doing?

We will be holding a series of specific forums as well as Peer led workshops to find out your experiences of the voluntary sector organisations. We will also be collecting views via an online survey which can be accessed here.

Who should attend?

We would like people who have used any of the following services to attend.

 High Town Praetorian

Mind in Mid Herts

Turning Point

Herts Mind Network

Guideposts Trust

Herts Young Homeless

New Hope (previously Watford New Hope Trust)


Who is running it?

The meeting will be run by either a project worker for Viewpoint or by a supported Peer Reviewer who has personal experience of mental health problems. They will be there to listen to your views about the charities and pass this information back to the Commissioners.

 What feedback will I get?

The report, written by Viewpoint, will be available in early April by contacting us or looking on our website

 Who do I contact?

To find out more or to say that you would like to attend an event, contact Viewpoint using the details below. Alternatively, look in the events section to see what is on. (This section will be regularly updated)




I can’t attend but want to input

No problem, contact Viewpoint and we can have a chat with you so that your views can be included. There will also be a survey which can be filled in online or sent to you by post.


Contact us on:

Viewpoint, 56 Bridge Road East

Welwyn Garden City Al7 1JU

Tel: 01707 328014 


Reasonable travel expenses will be paid to attend this meeting 

We need Peer Reviewers. Can you help?

Viewpoint has been asked to support the Community Wellbeing Team in reviewing the existing portfolio of voluntary sector mental health contracts in Hertfordshire that they commission and we need service users to help lead peer review workshops.

To ensure that service users are able to feedback their experiences for commissioners to use within their contract reviews, we will be using a variety of methods to hear what people say.

We believe that it is essential that this done by engaging service users as Peer Reviewers and we want you to contact us if you are interested. We are running a Peer Reviews planning workshop on the afternoon of Friday 16th January 2015 from 1pm – 2:30pm please can you confirm your availability to attend the workshop at your earliest opportunity.

The workshop will look at beginning to put in place the structure of the Peer Reviews that we would like to run in late Jan, Feb, and early March 2015; the Community Wellbeing Team need to have a report ready by the last week in March.


If you are interested in being a Peer Reviewer the contact Leslie on 01707 328014 or via 


World Mental Health Day funding available in Broxbourne and East Herts

A small amount of funding has been made available to support bids for locality based events or activities that will promote positive mental health on World Mental Health Day in the Broxbourne and East Herts area.


NHS Hertfordshire stated:

Life Without Substance is a short animation produced by John Church to raise awareness and reduce discrimination surrounding the subject of mental health

'We are able to support bids for small amounts of funding for locality based events or activities that will promote positive mental health on World Mental Health Day. We want these events and activities to promote Mental Health awareness and education and help reduce stigma associated with mental ill health. New innovative and interesting ideas and ways of doing this are always welcome.


We would especially welcome bids for funds from organisations in the Broxbourne, Cheshunt and Waltham Cross areas.


If you think you have an idea or project that would fit with what we are trying to achieve please send a brief description of the initiative to Leslie Billy ( Viewpoint or Freepost RSHZ-UKGK-RUJJ, Viewpoint, 56 Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1JU.


Viewpoint and Carers in Herts will consider this and advise you of the outcome, they will try and do this within a day of receiving your application so you will know the outcome with minimum of delay.'

Download the Factsheet here and download the application form here.


The Theme this year is 'Living with Schizophrenia' and people and organisations across Hertfordshire will be celebrating the day with events and activities.


We want these events and activities to promote Mental Health awareness and education and help reduce stigma associated with mental ill health. New innovative and interesting ideas and ways of doing this are always welcome.

MIND in Mid Herts – new Trustees wanted

MIND in Mid Herts is looking to appoint new trustees to lead them through their exciting challenges ahead.

They are particularly seeking expertise in fundraising, safeguarding, human resources and legal services to build upon the skills and experience they have in the current Board and senior management team.

All of the trustee posts are volunteer positions, but training and development will be available.

Applicants will need to demonstrate they have enthusiasm, drive and vision and they are particularly interested in hearing from people who have experience of mental health and those with mental health needs.

If you are interested, contact or call 01727 865070 for more information.

MIND in Mid Herts is an innovative and experienced provider of mental health services in Mid Hertfordshire and has wellbeing centres in St. Albans, Stevenage, Hertford and Welwyn Garden City. They provide a range of services to our communities and have recently been successful in expanding their work through successful bids with Comic Relief and with the local business community. You can find out more at