Service User involvement at Viewpoint

At Viewpoint, our aim is to enable the highest quality service user involvement for all parties.

We work to ensure that our members feel supported and knowledgeable about why they are being asked for their views and experiences, and we offer help to service providers and commissioners on the best ways to learn from service users.

Viewpoint can organise for service users to input on ideas, plans and documents or to be fully involved in decision making processes. We can support service users to take part in interview panels, meetings and focus groups or ongoing project management.


Coupled with our service user trainers, the Viewpoint members can give you a vital insight into the issues faced by people with mental health or drug and alcohol problems. You will find service user involvement can be a truly rewarding experience which gives you better outcomes and more support from stakeholders.

If you are interested in service user involvement and wish to engage Viewpoint call us on 01707 386136 so we can discuss your requirements.

To help you understand what it is you need, you can download our Standards Guidelines and Involvement Request Form . To email us, please use the form below.