oh dear....

It seems our so called IT team have spent a little too long looking for cat Gifs and not long enough time maintaining our website.

Rest assured we will keep them locked in the server cupboard until they have fixed it properly.

Some of the other reasons you cannot find the page you want could include:

  • You typed it wrong - we are not blaming you, we all do it, but have a quick look in the address bar for us
  • The page does not exist - It is an ex page, it has ceased to be, expired and gone to meet its maker. Perhaps it was pining for the Fjords
  • We moved it - You know when you lose things and someone tells to you look in the last place you had it? Well we have tried that and it didn't work. Please contact us and tell us what you were looking for and we will give it another go, right after we have finished watching Countdown.
  • It's Karaoke Friday - Some people just need to sing and we have a few frustrated divas in the office. Its possible they have unplugged the server and plugged in the Karaoke machine. We will plug the server back in as soon as we have had our turn. We do an excellent Meatloaf cover you know.

To disrupt your browsing as little as possible, why not zoom over to our homepage or news and feast your old mince pies on what we have to offer.

Thank you,

The IT Team